Jun 27, 2022

We Buy Books – The (Mouldy) Book Stops Here!

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So here we have it, tip number 3 in our series that involves me telling you how to keep your books in the kind of shape that ensures you get the best price when you sell them, (I’m sure there’s a better way of saying that but I can’t think what).

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This item developed as a result of us receiving your books and finding out that they weren’t exactly in the best of nick, resulting in us giving you less than we first thought. We want you to get the price we offered to the penny, but in order for us to do so those books need to be in good shape.

Now I want you to all think back to last month’s blog where I opened by saying this will become a regular feature. Can you all remember that? Good, because I want you to forget everything I said on the matter as this is the final tip of what has been a truly epic series, (ok not quite ˜Lord of the Rings or ˜War and Peace epic, but epic in it’s own small, not particularly epic kind of way…I’ll move on).

Cat Litter - Not Just for CatsOk so tip number 3 involves mould…lovely. Books become mouldy when they absorb moisture. You can rejuvenate your musty, old books by sealing them overnight in a container filled with clean cat litter.  Yes, you read that right, cat litter!  Before I go any further I must emphasise the “clean” part of the ˜clean cat litter” bit of the sentence. If it’s not clean, it won’t do the job and, well frankly it would just be unpleasant.

The thing with cat litter is that it is absorbent; so when it is placed in a sealed container with your books it will draw all the moisture out, leaving your books mould free. This means that they are worth more when you sell them to the good folks here at We Buy Books.

That’s about it for the last tip, not a bad way to end the series. Don’t forget, keep looking around the house for any books that you no longer have any use for and get them sent over to us. If you keep sending them we promise to keep buying them.

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