Jun 28, 2022

Turn Your Books Into Cash

So, here’s the deal, webuybooks.co.uk is the place for you to turn all your unwanted books into cash.

Welcome to webuybooks.co.uk, a service designed to help you make money from the books you no longer need. Books you won’t read again that do nothing but take up space around the house. It’s a quick and easy service that everyone can use. From the student with a couple of old textbooks’ laying around to those whose house now resembles a small town library. In short, we can help you de-clutter the house and make some extra money whilst doing it, (who couldn’t do with help like that?).

Selling your books at webuybooks.co.uk takes seconds. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Enter the books you wish to sell – to do this type the ISBN number in the space provided. (For us mere mortals the ISBN number is the 10 or 13 digit number situated on the back of the book).
  • We give you an immediate online quote – we pay the highest prices for the widest variety of books.
  • Post your books to us for free – simply print the postage label out and send your parcel.
  • Get paid – your payment will be sent to you when we receive your books.

The books we buy are mainly the higher value books, (textbooks, limited editions and books published in the past 2 years). Unfortunately we won’t be buying any of the paperback fiction books from popular authors. This means that unless you’ve got that ultra rare edition of Lord of the Rings, the one where Frodo gets fed up of walking and gives the ring to a passing Elf before getting a taxi home, then they aren’t really for us.

Now obviously you stand a better chance of selling your books if they are in good condition. If your books look like they’ve been savaged by a pack of wild hounds or survived a nuclear blast the chances are we won’t take them. If you’re in any doubt as to what defines good condition or you have any other enquiries then take a quick peek at the terms and conditions page before you send anything.

The exciting thing is, you could be sat on a little gold mine without even realising it!

At webuybooks.co.uk we want to dispel the myth that due to the emergence of various eBook formats the good, old fashioned page turner is now worthless. We’re here to prove the opposite, your books have value. Just think of all the books you might have sitting around the place gathering dust, turn them into extra cash now! As to how much they’re worth, well that will remain a mystery until you head over to us and punch in those ISBN numbers, (it’s quite exciting really, a bit like the lottery only here you can’t lose).

What is for certain is that they aren’t making you any money stacked up in boxes or on shelves. So, instead of doing nothing, dust off that Indiana Jones hat, brush the cobwebs from the attic or under the stairs and dig those books out. You never know, there may be a hidden treasure or 2 amongst them. (You don’t have to wear a hat. If you want to wear one by all means go ahead, it will probably be more fun!).

That just about covers everything. To sum up webuybooks.co.uk buys your unwanted books at the best prices in a process so simple it takes seconds. We’ll leave you now to get on with it, give the site a try and start making money immediately. If you like what you see then don’t keep us a secret, get out there and tell everyone you know. It’s too good a deal to keep to yourself.

10% Extra on your first trade!