Jun 29, 2022

Top 5 Hikes in the UK (In our opinion)

Top 5 Hikes in the UK (In our opinion)

The UK is known to have an endless catalogue of spectacular walks and hikes dotted all over the island from the most northern point of Scotland to the most southerly point of England.

Every hike is unique, with many different sites and spectacles to see, from castles standing but a shadow of their former glory to expansive lakes stretching as far as the eye can see.

From the wind-swept coast of Cornwall under constant bombardment from the Atlantic winds to the gently rolling hills of the Kentish countryside, it’s fair to say that there is a place for everyone to enjoy somewhere in the British wilderness, so why not grab your OS map and start planning your route.

Having so many options can be a little daunting when planning your hike, so we thought we might help a little and offer up some of our favourite hikes spread throughout the UK.

1. Snowdon – Snowdonia

Snowdon - Snowdonia

Standing as the highest mountain in Wales, Snowdon boasts a selection of routes to the summit, which is much more challenging than others.

On a clear day, each route entails spectacular views and an incredible sense of achievement upon summiting. Being a popular location for walkers of all calibres.

2. Malham Cove – North Yorkshire

Malham Cove – North Yorkshire

Famed for its cameo in Harry Potter and the deathly hallows, this spectacular amphitheatre shaped limestone cliff formation is a joy for the whole family.

The home of some breath-taking views across the dale and a unique limestone pavement spanning across the tops of the cliff. Access to the cove couldn’t be easier; there is a car park that links the cove by a short path that leads right to the base of the cove with one a short walk up to the top.

If you feel a little more adventurous, some longer circular routes allow you to immerse yourself in the local countryside.

3. Catbells – Lake District

Catbells – Lake District

Standing proud over lake Derwentwater, Catbells is a hike of medium difficulty that is steep yet short, making it perfect for a brisk afternoon walk or a gentle stroll on a summer’s day.

You are afforded beautiful views over the lake district on a clear day with the horizon stretching for miles around.

4. Sycamore Gap and Hotbank Crag – Hadrians Wall

Sycamore Gap and Hotbank Crag – Hadrians Wall

This popular walking route attracts visitors from all over. Starting at the old roman fort visitor centre, the walk takes you along a section of the UK’s most famous wall; the walk takes you past the Sycamore gap that saw stardom in the 1991 film Robinhood and the prince of thieves.

Not only this, but the walk will take you past the UK’s largest single drop waterfall for even more spectacular views. But be warned, the full loop covers a massive 84 miles, but not to fear as there are smaller breakdowns of the route that are much more manageable.

5. Helvellyn – Lake District

Helvellyn – Lake District

Standing as the third highest peak in the Lake District and England, Helvellyn is much more accessible than the two higher peaks, therefore, making it an excellent milestone for any aspiring hiker.

Several routes can be taken to reach the top of Helvellyn, but the route up striding edge is considered to be the most spectacular of all.

However, a narrow path along a rocky ridgetop with a sheer drop on either side may not be ideal for all walkers. Nonetheless, the views over the Lake District from the peak are truly something to behold.

With summer coming, it’s time to take to the hills; with these hikes, you won’t be finding yourself stuck for any ideas this summer.

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