Oct 20, 2021

Sell Your College Textbooks Here!

Sell College Textbooks and make moneyCalling all students, all graduates. You remember the dreaded reading list, right? We know we do. That list of books they presented you with at the beginning of each year or, if you were unlucky, each term.

The Dreaded Colllege / University Reading List.. Goodbye student loanNot only were they expensive but the tutors expected you to have them all within a week or two as well. Then you use them for a year or, if you’re lucky, the whole duration of your course but then it’s over and you’re there in your room sorting through all your student possessions and you come across a stack of those textbooks.

Remember how you had to survive on just toast for weeks because they’d cost so much? No? Okay maybe that was just us, we had to make sure we had enough cash for a good supply of cheap vodka too. Oh those were crazy days. Anyway, where were we? Oh yes, the pile of textbooks. They cost so much and now you’re never going to look at them again. There’s no use for them any more, they helped you get through the course thank you very much but now the sight of them just brings up bad memories. We mean, who wants to be reminded of late nights writing essays or days after day of revising in the library? Stick to the photos of night’s out for nostalgia and get rid of those textbooks. But don’t go throwing them out now! No, get some money for them, get something back! Think of it as compensation. Sell college textbooks to us.

Enter an ISBN or Barcode to Get a PriceIn doing so not only will you be helping yourself, getting some money to spend on more important things: new clothes, better books, drinks out, but you’ll be helping out your fellow students too. We give you cash when you sell college textbooks and then the next lot of students can save money by buying those textbooks secondhand from us rather than having to fork out to buy them new. Fight the power! Kind of. What we mean is everybody stands to get something out of this. Support thy fellow students! Okay, we’ll stop now.

So you’ve got the college textbooks you want to sell? Good. Click on the Start Selling link on our website and type in the ISBN numbers of each of your books. The site will then tell you how much they’re worth and all that remains for you to do is to print off the postage label that’ll be created for you (yep, no paying for postage) then just package those textbooks up and get them in the post.

Go on, don’t put up with those ugly books of boring information in boring little writing for a moment longer. You could shut them away in a cupboard but you’d still know they were there. Get them out of your life! Make some money out of them! Sell college textbooks to WeBuyBooks today.

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