Oct 20, 2021

Sell books and reclaim your space!

Sell books and reclaim your space!

We’ve all been there… that moment when you open up a cupboard, or venture up to the attic only to be launched upon by a plethora of old, dusty books that have been building up since way back when. A solution to this problem is to move to a larger house, but if like many of us that is out of the question then you can sell books to de-clutter, and even make yourself some money in the process! (You could even put the cash towards a larger house ;))

The question then arises about where to sell books, you could try and sell books on eBay and throw money away on insertion fees, then sit for days waiting for someone to bid. You could even sell books at your local carboot and waste time haggling over 10p. Alternatively, you could sell books on a book buying site such as We Buy Books.

We Buy Books helps you sell books, de-clutter and make cash whilst doing it – and let’s face it who couldn’t do with a bit of extra cash!? Time is a precious commodity these days, so We Buy Books gives you an instant offer there and then, which you can either choose to accept or decline. Simple and hassle free webuybooks.co.uk make it so easy to sell books & earn some wonga!


Sell books in four easy steps at We Buy Books:

  • Type in the ISBN Number / Barcodes of the books you want to sell and indicate their condition (see our Item Condition Guidelines)
  • We’ll let you know how much we’re going to pay for your books. If you’re happy you can accept our offer and let us know your preferred payment method.
  • Print off a postage label, box up your items (view our Packaging Guidelines) and post them for FREE!
  • Once we receive your books we’ll then pay the funds into your account based on your preferred payment method.

It’s so easy to sell books for cash at We Buy Books. The objective of We Buy Books is to buy and recycle or find a second life for as many books as possible as well as to help our customers sell books that are no longer wanted. Of course, you stand a much higher chance of selling your books if they’re in good nick. If you want to sell books that look like they’ve survived a nuclear blast the chances are we won’t take them.

So go on, what are you waiting for – sell books and reclaim that cupboard or attic!

10% Extra on your first trade!