Oct 20, 2021

Need extra cash quick? Then Sell Used Books!

It is a difficult time for everyone financially at the moment.  I know, I know…you’ve heard all this before and I don’t mean to sound like the harbinger of doom; I just want to point out how people are starting to look at different ways to make a bit of extra cash.

This could be cash that comes in handy for holidays, in the lead up to Christmas or to take a loved one out for a romantic meal, (eeuugghh…get a room). One avenue that many people don’t realise can be a good little earner is books.

We’ve all got them lying around the house, but once they have been read, then what? They are pretty much redundant and if you have quite a few then they generally clutter the house up. At We Buy Books we give you the chance to earn good money by doing nothing more than sending them to us!

A pile of books varying in subjectWe take all your unwanted books; from textbooks or medical books to limited editions or 1st editions of your old favourites and give you the best price for them.  We do have to point out that the amount of money you receive from us depends on the type of books you choose to sell. So for example we can’t offer you as much money for popular titles by well known authors as we can for the rarer books on your shelves…it stands to reason really so get looking around for all those hidden gems.

It’s not just books that we buy, (don’t let the name fool you). We’ll also take all your CDs and video games off your hands and give you the same great prices that we do for your books. As we purchase books, CDs and games this means that pretty much everyone has the ability to earn a bit of extra cash to help towards whatever you need.

But why choose We Buy Books, (you might be saying out loud to yourself)?  For a start we are one of the only book buying sites to offer all payment methods, which makes it a far easier and more convenient process. You can sell your books to us and choose to receive payment via cheque, PayPal or bank transfer, which is a real plus point for those that need money in a hurry.

We Buy Books vouchers offering more money on your next order For those that have only a few books to sell, we also have an incredibly low minimum order value of £15. Add this to our voucher codes that increase your offer by 10%, (which you can find on our facebook and twitter pages) and you’ll see why We Buy Books is the best place to get the optimum value on any books you choose to sell.

Let’s not forget that these books are doing nothing more than sitting around your house or workplace. Don’t ignore them any longer…make yourself some extra cash by selling them to We Buy Books!

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