Oct 20, 2021

How to get more bang for your book!

How to get more bang for your book

A book case containing a large selection of old booksWelcome to blog number two of what we’re sure will be a regular series of tips showing you how to keep your books to sell in great condition, therefore receiving more money when you sell them.

The idea for these tips came to us as a result of receiving your books to sell and not being able to give you the amount of money we’d like due to them being in less than ideal condition. As we always say when you’re selling books, the better condition the book is in, the more money you’ll make, (it’s not a great saying admittedly but it is true).

Hopefully you liked the previous blog with the baby powder, (for those that didn’t read it…read it, it’s rather good) and that it proved most helpful. One eager reader contacted us to say he loved the tip and asked if we could give him any hints on how to stop cats from using his back yard as a bathroom! Thanks for getting in touch, however those aren’t the kind of tips we offer really. We are “We Buy Book”, so we mainly deal in, you know…books. Good luck with the back yard though.

A lump of coal Ok tip number 2 involves charcoal, which as we all know is a flammable substance but don’t worry, it doesn’t mean throwing your books to sell on the fire or anything. That isn’t a way of improving the condition of your books to sell at all…if anything it will probably make them worse. No, professional Librarians use charcoal to eliminate musty odours on old books, with this tip you can do the same.

If you’ve stored your books to sell in a bookcase with glass doors it may provide a damp environment that can harbour must and mould. Without getting into the science of it all, (because if I’m being honest I don’t know the science of it all. I prefer to think of it as magic) a couple of pieces of charcoal placed inside the bookcase will keep your books to sell dry and mould free.

This easy to do tip means that when you come to sell books, they’ll be in a better condition and we can give you the amount of money we’d like to for them. There will be more tips coming your way on how to sell books and keep them in a perfect condition, (I’m getting a taste for it now) in the near future. In the meantime, keep sending us those books and making yourself a little bit extra in your pocket!

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