Oct 20, 2021

We’re feeling brand new…!

We are thrilled to introduce our new logo and branding!
Phone and tablet graphic

Time for a change

Logo redesign graphic
Here at WeBuyBooks, we unveiled our previous logo and website design way back in 2010, almost ten years ago would you believe… and although we were fond of our previous aesthetic, we thought the time was right for a spruce up and revamp.

After several brainstorming sessions and designing countless different logos – trying out many different styles, font and colours – we decided on the one… what do you think? The subtle smile lends itself to an effective favicon and app logo, and we love the friendly and positive feel  and the way it highlights how simple it is to sell your used books to us.


Easy to use and easy on the eye!

blue theme graphic
We choose to stick with a predominantly blue theme, meaning that the rebrand doesn’t feel like a drastic change, but the new design is a much slicker and more modern but classic style.

With the needs of our customers always at the forefront of our minds, a priority of ours was ease of use and how simple navigating our website/app would be, and we have certainly achieved ease of use. Of course, the WeBuyBooks app has also had a makeover, so if you prefer to sell your used books from your phone, you will also benefit from our rebrand!


So take a look around our new website and app, and let us know what you think – you can send us your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter

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