Oct 20, 2021

Beat the Blues in 2018

Beat the blues
Boohoo, January is the month where most of us feel pretty blue. There’s even a day to mark everyone’s misery – Blue Monday.

Dr Cliff Arnall first termed “Blue Monday” over a decade ago. Apparently, the third Monday of January is the most depressing day of the year for us all.

A Month Of Misery

The festive season seems like a distant memory in January. Christmas time is full of excitements with plenty of parties, food and pressies. So it sucks when it’s all over and time to get back to reality and head back to work. Payday feels like forever and a day away, the days are grey and let’s face it, those new years resolutions are pretty hard to keep. But January doesn’t have to be a month filled with misery – you can fill it with joy, and money, when you sell your stuff online with We Buy Books.

Time For Treasure

If your budget won’t stretch beyond beans for your supermarket shops in January, then clear out your clutter to bump up your bank balance. We reckon that a house full of mess causes stress. A new year brings new opportunities, so pull on your positive pants and have a clear out. But make sure that you make it fun to get it done! Imagine that you’re on a treasure hunt when you clear out your clutter, as you could find anything from gift cards to money or your favourite books, DVDs and games hidden in all your clutter.

Turn The Music Up

Party season may be over but you can have a clutter buster party at home. Turn on the stereo and crank up the volume. Life is better with a bit of music, so stick on your fave tunes to boost your energy and your mood. We’ll be happy to take any unwanted books, CDs, DVDs or games off your hands. And we reckon you’ll be happy with the cash you’ll get for it.

Play I-Spy

Christmas doesn’t have to be the only time of the year that you play games. I-Spy isn’t just a game for kids; it’s a fun game for big kids too! It’s a game that works really well when a room is a complete mess. Grab an empty loo roll and use the cardboard tube as a spyglass. Head to the room that you want to clean up, spin around, take a peek through the spyglass and see if you spot any clutter. If you spot an area that looks a total mess, then rush over to it and clear out the stuff you don’t want, or need.


Make Blue Monday a fun day by getting some cash for your clutter. You won’t need to count the days until payday when you sell your stuff online with WeBuyBooks. Get started right here.

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