Mar 01, 2017

Five Reasons why everyone should Celebrate World Book Day

Five Reasons why everyone should Celebrate World Book DayIt’s the most wonderful time of the year! We aren’t, of course, talking about Christmas – we’re talking about World Book Day!

World Book Day launches tomorrow, and is a worldwide celebration of authors, illustrators, books and reading. Every year, children dress up as their favourite characters from their most treasured books, filling the streets with Charlie Buckets, very hungry caterpillars and Alice in Wonderlands.

But this isn’t the only reason why everyone, far and wide, should celebrate World Book Day. Here are five more!

1. World Book Day has been given UNESCO status

UNESCO has designated World Book Day as a worldwide celebration. In fact, more than 100 countries, all over the world, now mark the day with fun activities and fundraising efforts. By celebrating World Book Day, you are taking part in a global phenomenon that unites us all!

2. World Book Day encourages children to read

With so many different book characters filling school corridors, your youngsters are bound to ask their friends who they are dressed as and, in turn, want to find out more. They could discover a book they may otherwise have never picked up, especially when World Book Day organisers also send 15 million book tokens to schools.

Children can use the voucher to pick up one of ten free books, or get £1 off any book costing more than £2.99. What better excuse to head down to your local bookshop and help them pick out a new read?

3. World Book Day is fun

Dressing up is fun in itself, but World Book Day is the perfect opportunity to try even more activities. As well as sending out book tokens, the organisation also sends resource packs full of fun ideas to schools. Plus, there are countless resources available on the World Book Day website (including this list of 20 bright ideas), so you’re bound to find something you can all get involved with.

4. World Book Day brings families together

Whether you are all sitting down together to whip up a BFG outfit, or snuggling up to read a brand new book, World Book Day offers countless opportunities for quality family time.

Why not devise some fun activities for when the kids get home from school? Create a family dinner based on dishes from their favourite books, and enlist them to cook-along. Or encourage them to write their very own story.

5. World Book Day supports charities

The money raised by schools for World Book Day goes towards some very worthy causes. One of these is Book Aid International, a charity that sends half a million books to community, public, school and academic libraries in 12 countries of sub-Saharan Africa. Another is Readathon, a UK-wide sponsored reading event that raises money to help seriously ill children.

Will you be celebrating World Book Day tomorrow? If your bookworms need a little inspiration for this year’s World Book Day outfit, look no further!

World Book Day

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