Dec 02, 2021

Revealed: The top 20 savviest places in the UK! Is yours on the list?

headerDo you live in one of the top 20 areas in the UK making the most money with WeBuyBooks?

We’ve done some digging to reveal the UK’s savviest towns and cities…


1. London – £112,825.89

With a population of over 7 million it’s no surprise to see London, England’s capital, at the top of the WeBuyBooks top sellers list.

The people of London pocketed an astonishing £112,825.89 in 2015, with many users cashing in on unwanted CDs from One Direction, Ed Sheeran and London’s very own Adele.

Nottingham2. Nottingham – £43,989.70

Home to two universities and over 60,000 students the people of Nottingham have raked in a massive £43,989.70 using WeBuyBooks.

The majority of offers completed by people in the city included old textbooks, which came as no surprise.

Guildford3. Guildford – £33,936.20

Well known for its live music and performing arts Guilford residents have pocketed a cushty £33,936.20 from selling their unwanted books, CDs and DVDs using the WeBuyBooks service.

Notably arts and crafts books were amongst the top selling items from people in the town located 27 miles from central London.

Darwen4. Darwen – £24,249.29

Arguably the biggest surprise of our top sellers, Darwen, a market town in East Lancashire is home to just 31,750 people, many of which have been busy cashing in on their old books, particularly ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’ and Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’.

Bristol5. Bristol – £20,917.51

With an estimated population of 442,500 Bristol is the most populated city in southern England after London. Bristolians have sold a whopping £20,917.51 worth of unwanted items using the WeBuyBooks service with cooking books and textbooks amongst the most unwanted items!


Here’s a full list of the top 20 areas in the UK selling the most items using WeBuyBooks…


uk map

1. London – £112,825.89
2. Nottingham – £43,989.70
3. Guildford – £33,936.20
4. Darwen – £24249.29
5. Bristol – £20,917.51
6. Manchester – £17,007.
7. Birmingham – £16,394.87
8. Leeds – £14,279.85
9. Gravesend – £14,203.00
10. Brighton – £14,132.98
11. Edinburgh – £13,572.21
12. Sheffield – £12,567.00
13. Glasgow – £12,431.17
14. Bradford – £12.401.43
15. Southampton – £11,254.60
16. Apse Heath – £10,721.83
17. Bournemouth – £10,480.62
18. Stafford – £10,262.65
19. Coatbridge – £10,146.17
20. Huntingdon – £9320.13


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