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Selling Your Stuff to Make Extra Money

National Spring Cleaning Week – Time for a clear out!

The snowdrops are out, and the nights are getting lighter, which can only mean one thing: It's nearly spring! Spr ... Read More

Be a Clutter Buster This Half Term!

The days are getting darker and shorter, but they feel like they’re longer than ever when it’s half term. It can be ... Read More

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Most Unwanted Christmas Presents of 2015

That's Christmas over and done with for another year, happy with your presents? Nope we didn't think so! Since Christ ... Read More

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4 ways to make extra room for all those Christmas presents!

If you're lucky every year your family and friends will buy you lots of lovely presents for Christmas. Wow that's great. ... Read More

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Results are in: The Most Unwanted Books of 2015!

With the year coming to an end we've dug deep to discover the most unwanted books of 2015, so sit back grab yourself a c ... Read More

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How to decide what books to keep and what to sell

Is your bookcase bulging? Do stacks of books surround you? This might sound like heaven, but if you answered yes to both ... Read More

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Best kept secrets – how to get the most money for your books

Most homes are full of books, ranging from contemporary novels to well-thumbed academic texts from undergraduate days. ... Read More

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Five Things To Do With Unwanted Christmas Gifts

It happens to us all: in the post-Christmas tidy up we are bound to have a few gifts that aren't quite what we wante ... Read More

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Make Some Extra Cash This Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching , you can use a service like We Buy Books to clear out some space on your shelves for ... Read More

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Keep The Kids Entertained This Summer With Our Barcode Scanner!!

It's that time of the year again guys, the dreaded summer holidays! Fantastic for the kids, a nightmare for you parents! ... Read More

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Use our App as a Barcode Scanner!

So, you've downloaded the We Buy Books mobile app, saved yourself hours using the clever scanning software and final ... Read More

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A guide to selling your stuff

We are all getting better at recycling these days, and with so many ways to pass on something we no longer want, there a ... Read More

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Ingenious ways to make (and save!) money in 2014

A new year makes a lot of people think about making a new start, and the post-Christmas hangover may lead to a lot of ho ... Read More

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Where to Get the Most Money Selling my Books

Despite what the naysayers may tell us, books remain big business. Yes, you can now house a complete library in ... Read More

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Easy Ways to Make Extra Cash

Living as a student can be a pretty expensive affair. There are countless nights out for dozens of non descript occa ... Read More

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What to do with unwanted xmas gifts

Picture the scene. It's Christmas morning and everyone is gathered around the tree handing the presents out. You've ... Read More

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Places to Sell Books

As it stands now there are a number of places to sell books so that people can make a bit of extra money. In the spi ... Read More

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Make easy cash for Christmas

It's coming up to that time of year again. Loved by many, loathed by quite a few also, I am of course talking about ... Read More

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Sell College Books

Students...this one is for you! make it so easy to sell college books online for cash! I know full w ... Read More

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Need extra cash quick? Then Sell Used Books!

It is a difficult time for everyone financially at the moment.  I know, I've heard all this before and I don ... Read More

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