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Nov 11, 2011

A Great Way To Make Money!

Become a Book Scouter is the ideal place to make money from your old books. You just type in the ISBN (a unique 10 or 13 digit number given to each book published and normally shown above the barcode on the back page) and we’ll give you an instant offer for your book.

Post us your books using your freepost label, once we’ve received the books we’ll pay you via your preferred payment method. It’s as easy as that!

The great thing about is the fact that you get an instant offer. You don’t have to hang around waiting to see if the books do actually sell and if they do, for how much, like on some other sites.

Many people are using to supplement their income by becoming ‘Book Scouters’. If you’re someone who likes browsing charity shops and jumble sales look out for books that you can buy cheaply and sell for more on
The great thing is the website is smart phone and ipad compatible – so if you’re unsure you can easily check the value of the book on the!

Here are a few rules that might help you select suitable books:

  • Choose books that have been published in the last couple of years; current editions have more value than old editions.
  • Select none fiction book; stay away from popular fiction especially popular authors, even in hardback editions.
  • Go for books on unusual subjects e.g. how to build and run a cattery.
  • Up to date and current college and University level textbooks are good. GCSE and A Level books don’t generally have a value unless they are very current and unmarked.
  • Look at the condition of the book. If it is tatty and written in, leave it alone.
  • Unfortunately children’s books are not worth buying.

These rules should help you check the correct book but it is definitely worth checking the site before you part with good money.

Happy Scouting!