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Our Free Little Library – Perfect for Borrowers!

Jul 22, 2013

Pay a visit to a small corner of North West England and from a distance you might think you’ve seen an oversized post box, or even a giant birdhouse – come a little closer however and you’ll see it’s actually our very own Free Little Library, packed with books to suit all ages and tastes. […]

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We Love Books! Here’s How to Make Money By Selling Them to Us

Jun 03, 2013

From the number of books we receive on a daily basis, to the conversations we have with our customers, it’s clear that many of us have hundreds of books taking up space in our homes and on our shelves. And we’ll be the first to say it; we love books. Here are some of our […]

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How to Sell Medical Books in 4 Easy Steps (+10% Extra On First Trade!)

Mar 12, 2012

Do you work in the medical profession? Perhaps you’ve just finished studying medicine, nursing, or another medical-related course. If this is you, then the chances are you’ve probably bought medical textbooks in the past. So, what do you do once you’ve finished with your books? Do you sell medical books on eBay and spend money […]

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Books Are More Popular Than Ever (Hooray!)

Dec 13, 2011

Books Are More Popular Than Ever (Hooray!) Here at We Buy Books, our love of books is no secret. We handle hundreds of thousands of books every year and are the printed books biggest advocate. We’re always seeking to dispel the myth that due to the emergence of the ‘trendy’ e-book, the good, old fashioned […]

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