May 02, 2019

How to boost your savings with WeBuyBooks…

We all could do with making some extra pennies every now and then, let’s face it – life is expensive! But you may have been led to believe that it’s impossible to make cash quickly and safely, and that if anyone promises this, it must be a scam… However, here at WeBuyBooks, we can prove to you that with our speedy bookselling system, it is totally possible!


Treasure in the attic

Many of us have homes that are chock-a-block with stuff that we don’t need. Items that we jam into boxes and then place in the attic and leave to gather dust for an eternity – out of sight, out of mind right? But if you’ve got any boxes of unwanted books lurking up there, you should bring them to the forefront of your mind, pronto! Your used books have moneymaking potential, and if you have any that you no longer want, you should exchange them for cash with WeBuyBooks.


Organise your belongings and make extra cash

Your piles of unwanted books can be transformed into extra cash for your piggy bank with our simple selling system. Some people put off sorting through their books as they believe selling online is too complicated and time-consuming, but whereas that may be the case when selling on auction websites, with WeBuyBooks, you can boost your cash with ease! Just scan, value, send and get paid. If you own more unusual books such as Folio Society or Slimming World or Be-Ro titles without ISBNs numbers, no worries – you can get valuations for them by finding them in our online catalogues (and good news, unusual books tend to fetch a higher price tag!). Plus, a pleasant side effect of selling your used books to us is that you will have made a start on organising and purging your unwanted belongings in the process. And seeing as you can maximise your earnings on WeBuyBooks by selling multiple books in one go, you should find the motivation to start tidying. After the clear-out you’ll feel a weight off your shoulders… and an extra weight in your pocket!


Add to your savings

Then there’s the question of what to do with these extra pennies in your pocket… The possibilities are endless – you could put them towards whatever the main expense is in your life the moment (there always seems to be something draining our finances – be it the constant stream of family birthdays, or simply just everyday utilities), or you could put them in your safely in your savings account to be used on your next big project.


Boosting your savings with WeBuyBooks is as easy as scan, value, send and get paid, so grab your torch, find the ladders to the attic, and start exchanging used books for cash today!

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