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Why you shouldn’t wait to sell your unwanted books…

Why you shouldn’t wait to sell your unwanted books


You may believe you have all the time in the world to sell your used books online. The sight of your unwanted book collection growing steadily over the years may not cause you to stress – because you tell yourself that you’ll be able to shift them all online one day… But this may not actually be the case.

Here at WeBuyBooks, we want to tell you that you shouldn’t delay selling your used books, unless you want to risk being disappointed. Don’t let them gather dust and take up valuable space in your home… sell them for cash as soon as you know you’re not going to read them again.


Why the urgency?

…You’re probably wondering. Like so many things in our culture-led, fast-paced world, books follow trends. A book which is hugely popular one year and sells like hot cakes for a good price, may be worth pittance the next. You shouldn’t wait to sell your unwanted books as they may decrease in value, meaning we won’t be able to offer you much cash for them, or be able to accept them at all. Plus, the longer you leave your used books in a neglected corner of your home, the dustier and dirtier they will become. You will be able to make more for your books if they are in good condition, so don’t delay once you know you no longer need a book – head to our selling basket and sell it for cash.


Why you shouldn’t wait to sell your unwanted books


Sell your used book & lessen your carbon footprint

Selling your used books promptly can also help to reduce your own carbon footprint. The neglected pile of books in your attic will no doubt contain some titles that another individual really wants… one person’s trash is another person’s treasure don’t forget! By selling your books to us, you give them a new lease of life. Your used titles will go to new owners, which in turn means that fewer new books are produced, saving energy, resources and reducing CO2 emissions. But if you put off swapping your books for cash for a prolonged period of time, the individual who is looking for your unwanted book will eventually get it from somewhere else, and that place could very possibly be from a book shop.


Don’t delay… start selling unwanted books today!

Shoving used books to the dark depths of your attic or condemning them to a life in your basement won’t make them disappear, but they may decrease in value. Why wait to get the best deal, help the environment and declutter your home? With WeBuyBooks, the selling process is so straightforward and speedy that you’ll be pleased that your used books didn’t disappear… especially when you have some extra cash in your back pocket.


So, download our app today and start making cash in exchange for your used books!

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