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Book Buying Website

Book Buying WebsiteFifty shades of bored of your old books? Or maybe it’s a case of Harry Potter and the Useless Old Textbooks? WeBuyBooks is a book buying website that makes it as simple and stress-free as possible to get a bit of cash for those old paperbacks and hardbacks!

Sell Your Books in 4 Easy Steps

The whole process is really easy. Just gather the books you want to sell and head over to our Selling Basket. Maybe make a cuppa first and pop the telly on too.

4 easy steps graphic-blueType the ISBN number of each book into the online quote form (it’s usually on the back of the book by the barcode and has the initials ISBN before it) and check whether the book meets our condition guidelines.

Book Buying WebsiteOnce you’ve entered all the ISBN numbers, we’ll offer you a quote to tell you how much we can offer you. Happy with the quote our book buying website wizards offer? All you need to do next is accept the quote and let us know which payment method you prefer. We can pay by PayPal, bank transfer or cheque.

Next it’s time to print off the free postage label provided. Just package up your books, pop the label on the front and sling them in the post FREE of charge! Once we receive them and check they meet our condition criteria, we’ll pay you straight away.

Item Condition Guidelines

A word on the condition of the books we buy. Used books always have a little wear and tear – it’s the sign of a much-read book!

The only books you can’t use our book buying website for are: those with clear signs of damage that make the books unreadable or textbooks unusable, e.g. fire or smoke damage, torn out pages, filled-in workbooks, mould damage, text books without discs, missing covers, etc.

Got some textbooks with highlighting in them? No problem! As long as we’re only talking about a bit of highlighting, underlining or added pen annotations that don’t affect the text or diagrams, we’ll still accept the books. For more details on book condition, check out our Book Condition Guidelines page.

You could be sat on a little goldmine…

woman with cup reading graphicFancy having that old copy of Breaking Dawn do something a bit more useful than act as a coaster for your morning cuppa?

Use our book buying website to make money selling things online – sell all your unwanted books, textbooks and workbooks at the best rates on the Internet! We offer instant quotes, FREE postage and fast payments – Percy Jackson and Lighting Fast Book Buying Website.

For everything you need to know about selling your books check out The We Buy Books Guru Guide To Selling Your Stuff or call our customer care team on 01706 248281.

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