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Aug 16, 2023

The 5 Most Shocking Game of Thrones Moments (SPOILERS)

The 5 Most Shocking Game of Thrones Moments (SPOILERS)If you watch Game Of Thrones then you’ll know George RR Martin has a ferocious approach to storytelling. Here, We Buy Books looks at the 5 most shocking Game OF Thrones moments so far – SPOILER ALERT for those who aren’t up to date yet, don’t say we didn’t warn you…


5. The Purple Wedding


King Joffrey had long tormented the people of Westeros making enemies at every turn! Olenna Tyrell had seen enough and poisons Joffrey to protect her granddaughter from his beastly nature. We got to watch the cruel Joffrey choke to death on his wedding day. Thanks Olenna!


4. The Execution of Ned Stark

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This one still hurts! Its season 1 and if you hadn’t read the books and built up a tolerance to George R. R. Martin’s cruel ways this would have shocked you to the core! He was the main character, your favourite character, but this is Game of Thrones and all men must die.


3. The Mutiny of the Night’s Watch

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He’s the main character; he’s your favourite character! Sounding familiar? Jon Snow is reading messages when his young apprentice Olly comes to him with news that one of the wildlings knows the whereabouts of his missing uncle Benjen. Jon follows Ser Alliser Thorne to a flock of fellow crows only to find a sign marked “Traitor.”

The brothers of the nights watch begin to stab Jon one after the other proclaiming “for the Watch”. As the injured Jon struggles for breath his young apprentice Olly appears to deliver the fatal blow. “For the Watch.”


2. The Red Wedding

Game of Thrones - The Red Wedding
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Lord Walder Frey still seething with King Robb Stark’s lack respect by breaking his marriage agreement conspires with Roose Bolton and Tywin Lannister to betray the Northern army.

The now infamous scene shows the gruesome deaths of beloved characters Robb Stark, Talisa Stark and Catelyn Stark. This leads to the inhalation of the Northern army ending the rebellion.


1. The Sacrifice of Shireen

Game Of Thrones - The Sacrifice of Shireen
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Stannis Baratheon takes his quest for the iron throne extremely seriously! After Ramsay Bolton sets fire to Stannis’ camp depleting his men, horses and his entire food supply desperate time’s require desperate measures.

Taking the advice of Melisandre, Stannis decided he would sacrifice his daughter and only heir Shireen burning her at the stake. He believed sacrificing her royal blood would help him win the upcoming battle against the Bolton’s. Watching a young girl plead to her mother and father for her life is still one of the most shocking and disturbing Game of Thrones or TV moments ever.

With so many shocking moments to choose from selecting our top 5 was by no means easy, if you think a different scene should top the list then let us know on Facebook or Twitter!


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