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6 Week Holidays

Keeping the kids entertained this summer

If there’s one thing all parents will be trying to do in the six week holidays, it’s keeping busy. We understand that trouble can quickly spring up around the corner when you and your kids get bored. So as we head into summer, we’ll all be wanting an enjoyable six weeks after the past 18 months, and keeping everyone entertained is a must.

That’s why we’ve put together a collection of activities that’ll keep you and your kids laughing and learning throughout the six weeks. All you need to do is hit the download button and print your activity sheets off. And there’s no better time to prepare than now, so hit that download button!

WeBuyBooks Boredom Buster

What better way to keep everyone engaged than with a checklist, kids have timetables at school; so you aren’t trying to teach them anything they aren’t familiar with.

Other Ideas to Add to Your List:
  • Messy play.
  • Home P.E workout.
  • Make a family photo scrapbook.
  • Declutter the house – recycle clothes & any unwanted household items.
  • Back-yard camping.
  • Gardening & planting.
  • Board games.
  • Colouring books.
  • Tie-dye unwanted clothes.
  • Bike ride/walk.

Downloadable Activity Pages

Download your colouring sheets and create something beautiful!

Downloadable Colouring Sheets

Download your colouring sheets and create something beautiful!

Outdoor Adventure Hunt

Download your adventure hunt checklist and get out into the great outdoors!