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Great service, fast and efficient, payment sorted quickly too! I will definitely use them again!

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Sell Antique Books

At We Buy Books we are always badgering on at you to send us your old books so this time we thought we’d approach it from a different angle. We don’t just want your old books…we want your really old books! That’s right; we want you to have a really good look around for any antique books you might want to sell. If you do, the chances are you’ll get a very good price for them if you decide to sell antique books to us.

You’d be surprised just how many antique books you have lying about the house, gathering dust and taking up some much needed space. Well now’s the chance to make some good money by getting yourself on the We Buy Books website and seeing what your antique books are worth. Once we’ve given you a valuation that you’re pleased with, simply send the books to us and once we’ve received them you’ll get your money.

Just follow 4 easy steps above – It takes just seconds to sell antique books for cash at

Now the usual rules apply here, that being that if you want to sell antique books that have been well preserved, you’ll get a better price for them than you would if they look battered and bruised so make sure that once you’ve dusted them down, they look the part. I realise that with antique books this could be difficult but do your best.

So get your Indiana Jones hat on and start searching for those antique books. Who knows, you might just unearth an absolute diamond.

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