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Recycle Books

If you’re looking for a hassle free way to recycle your books then look no further than We Buy Books! We are one of the UK’s leading book recyclers and offer an unrivaled service.

Helping you earn cash for the books you no longer want or need we take great pride in offering a service that is not only really easy to use, but efficient too.

Whether you’re looking to recycle books using your desktop computer or you’re using our brand new mobile app making money whilst you recycle your old books has never been easier!

Here’s how you can recycle your books in 4 easy steps:

  • Enter the ISBN Number – Typically found on the back cover of your books
  • Get a Valuation – We’ll let you know how much your item is worth
  • Package your books – Print your free pre-paid postage label and attach it to your package.
  • GET PAID for recycling your books – Post your items, once received we’ll pay the funds into your account.

Whether you’re planning on putting the money towards a family holiday or you simply want to update your collection of books, because you can never have too many, it makes complete sense to recycle books here at We Buy Books!

We Recycle Books Of All Kinds

From textbooks to classic novels we recycle books of all kinds, depending on the condition. Unfortunately we can’t help you recycle books that have been torn to pieces by the family dog or used as a coaster for the last five years!

But don’t worry, to give you a better idea of the books we recycle here at We Buy Books we’ve put together an Item Conditions Guidelines page.

Not only can you recycle books using our service but we also accept a large selection of CDs, DVDs and video games! So if you’re planning on having a mega tidy up you know where to come!

Check Out Our Guru Guide

If you require more information on how to recycle books using our service be sure to check out our brand new Guru Guide. Here you’ll be able to find tips, advice and guidance on how to make as much money as possible with the books you no longer want or need!

Rewards For Frequent Sellers

For those who recycle books on a regular basis we offer a unique rewards scheme for all our frequent sellers.

For more information on how to make money and recycle books at the same time feel free to give our customer care team a call on 01706 248281. If you’ve recently used our service to recycle books and you’d like to give us some feedback head over to Twitter!

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